• Mixing Ratio: 3 parts Anzahl Basecoat Color to 1 part Anzahl Topcoat Catalyst by volume (3:1)
  • Reduction: 1 part Anzahl Basecoat Color with Topcoat Catalyst to 1 part Anzahl  Urethane Thinner by volume (1:1)
  • Drying Time: 25 minutes touch free, 3-5 hours sandable and recoatable
  • Storage: (Base) 3 years (Catalyst) 1 year
  • Pot-life: Use mixed paint within 8 hours
  • Thinning: Anzahl Urethane Thinner
  • Packaging: Base - Available in 4 Liter (Full and 3/4 Full Mica Series) and 1 Liter Container (3/4 Full) Hardener - Available in 1 Liter (Full) and 1/2 Liter container (Half Full)
  • Caution: Toxic and flammable. Keep away from fire and reach of children.


1. Light sand pre-primed surfaces and make sure that it is free from dust and other impurities before applying Anzahl Basecoat Color. 

3.  Reduce 1 part Anzahl Basecoat Color Mix (Anzahl Basecoat Color with Anzahl Topcoat Catalyst) with 1 part Anzahl Urethane Thinner (Ratio 1:1).

2. Mix 3 parts Anzahl Basecoat Color to 1 part Anzahl Topcoat Catalyst.

4. Apply two or more coats. Let dry for 3 to 5 hours. Wet sand using smooth sandpaper for finishing.

For complete line of colors, see Anzahl Color Chart.